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Ceasefires Don't End Cyberwars (cloudflare.com)
43 points by spacesuit 1821 days ago | hide | past | web | 12 comments | favorite

Ceasefires usually don't end real wars either.

All wars end with ceasefires, however. I'm not convinced by your assertion, what's it based on?

Technically it's not just cease-fire when you end a war, it's capitulation on one side.

It would be nice if CloudFlare could provide a couple of examples of what sites exactly are being attacked.

Cloudflare won't do that, they are pretty awesome about site privacy.

I remember watching a video where he did a talk about lulzsec and he had to get permission to talk about their stats, so I'm pretty sure they won't release the sites that are being targeted without prior permission.

IDFblog, if you tried to go there during the war, they would popup and say "we're checking if you're a legit request .... redirecting now"

CloudFlare's goal is to power a better Internet. While that will inherently mean we will increasingly find ourselves in difficult situations like this one, we will continue to be guided by the principle that it is not our role to decide whether one idea or another is correct, but instead to ensure that all ideas can find equal footing online.

I wonder what jgrahamc has to say about Cloudflare shielding sites used to ddos people.


CloudFlare works very closely with law enforcement.

Yet you wouldn't talk to the hosting company of the server that hosts a spam list containing my email address and many more (even after I gave links showing phishing sites and DDoS tools on the same server) :-(

Would you like to email me so I can look into that? I don't do abuse support for CloudFlare myself but I can talk to the person who does and find out.

Much appreciated. Will do.

Do you really need to wait until law enforcement to do anything about it? This seems to me like CloudFlare doesn't really care.

Don't you know that most law enforcements ignore DDoS attacks when the damage isn't done to a million/billion dollar business like Mastercard?

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