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Coinbase.com (YC S12) Hiring First Engineer
1428 days ago | hide
Bitcoin is helping shape the future of payments - and as the first YC-backed bitcoin company, we're right in the thick of it. We're off to a great start - 15% growth per week in transaction volume, closed a deal with a major U.S. bank, and raised a $600k seed round. We're now looking for a great engineer to join the team (founder is also an engineer - worked on fraud prevention at Airbnb and previously build another company to profitability).


* Full-stack generalist, comfortable shipping features from conception to launch * Experience building large scale Rails apps, designing APIs, building mobile apps, and javascript front ends (jQuery, Coffeescript) * Uncanny ability to create user interfaces that non-technical people can use, and communicate complex ideas rapidly * Strong CS background, comfortable optimizing databases, good understanding of web app security * Passionate about bitcoin, cryptocurrency, and bringing fast/cheap/international payments to the world * Bonus: background in finance, economics, or trading platforms * Bonus: background in app security, white hat, or fraud prevention * Bonus: a deep understanding of the bitcoin protocol or contributions to bitcoin projects

What it's like to work at Coinbase:

* We're based in San Francisco's SOMA neighborhood, near the Caltrain station at 4th and King. * You can work any hours you want, at the home or office (although the office is fun) - we prioritize shipping code * You must be based in/near San Francisco or be willing to relocate * We practice "maker hours" which means there is only one required meeting a week (Monday at 1pm), and we block out long periods during the day where everyone codes * Headphones in = no interruptions * We work hard and play hard - company happy hours are a weekly event * Once a year we travel somewhere fun/exotic and work there for a few weeks to a month (we also travel for conferences) * Compensation is $100k plus 2% equity * We push to production a dozen times a day, and love good test coverage * This is a chance for you to help build a company and product from the ground up

To apply send an email to firstengineer@coinbase.com and include the following things:

* Links to 3 awesome things you've built * Links to your GitHub/StackOverflow/Blog/Twitter/etc * A resume * An answer to this question in 500 chars or less: If hired tomorrow what's the first thing you would build at Coinbase? Why choose that first?

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