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Ex-Foursquare Designers Focus On Sunrise, Want You To Do More With Your Calendar (techcrunch.com)
16 points by romaind 1785 days ago | hide | past | web | 10 comments | favorite

I want to do less with my calendar. I want it to do more for me.

I want 4 lists. Day: The first shows today's agenda, and it's half-todo list. (yes I'm anti-todo list)

Week: The second list is this week's agenda, with repeating (daily) events consolidated. It covers from tomorrow to 8 days away.

Month: The third list is like the second list, but is for the upcoming month. Likewise, it would omit the 2nd list and cover from next week to 5 weeks from now.

Year: The 4th list would detail the remaining 11 months in the year. Each item is only on one list at a time.

Most importantly, any item can be hidden from any list, and it will come back into the next list. Got a dentist appointment in April but don't want to see it on your Year list? Hide it and you won't see it until March.

Another way to look at this is the "Diff" calendar -- you know your daily routine, this is just charting how these days must vary.

I don't see anything here that you can't easily do with google's calendar. You can create multiple calendars, one for routine stuff and one for the exceptions and hide/show them whenever you want.

I think there's a danger in hiding things though, if you don't need to be reminded then maybe just not put it on your calendar (tuesday, eat food, repeats daily.) as soon as you start hiding things you lose much of the benefits of a calendar.

You can create multiple calendars? I've tried in the past, but only "my calendar" would sync to my phone, and the only way for those events to show up on "my calendar" was to import them manually. And there's no way to hide events, or make them disappear and reappear.

I think my use case for calendars is significantly different from most peoples'. I need it to be rotating so I'll forget and remember events which are upcoming. Forgetting and then remembering is key.

On an Android phone: Calendar app, menu button, settings, click on your account name, and then check the calendars you want to sync to your device. Very easy.

With the iPhone you can sync up to 25 Google calendars to your phone. You have to manually include them in the sync preferences though, which many people do not know about.


That's awesome, I've been a heavy user of multiple calendars for a long time and absolutely hated being stuck to a single one. Though it's horrifyingly non-discoverable. Another help file[1] mentions this page though, which you can visit with any browser: https://www.google.com/calendar/iphoneselect

edit: the iphoneselect link seems to be working for me, though my iOS calendar is all kinds of screwed up at the moment, so I can't say if it's 100% bug free or not. I have thousands of repeat birthdays for no reason I can detect, but that was before changing those settings :|


Seems very similar to what Cue (Greplin) pivoted to a few months ago.

I uninstalled that app after a week once I realized that most of the time it couldn't do anything more for me than give me the sunrise and sunset.

Non-starter for me. Can't find this on Google Play, and don't have (or want) a Facebook account to sign in.

If you'd even looked at the screenshot, you'd see it's an email. Moreso if you were to read the article. Of course it won't be on Google Play.

Pierre is a brilliant hacker and designer. I'm looking forward to watching this product evolve.

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