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I'd be interested to hear what cleanup the ePub files need after the scrivener export. Is it just tweaking styles or does the ebook not render correctly on some devices. Am also curious about how the scrivener mobi export compares to kindlegen. Does it do KF8?

[EDIT] - From looking at the scrivener site, they require kindlegen for mobi generation.

There are a few issues that I encountered when I tested Scrivener ePub output:

- Chapter suffixes not being properly appended

- Extra spaces appearing after headings/subheadings/sub-sub-headings

In addition, I like to look at the HTML and CSS associated with images to make sure they are not being reduced in size during the ePub compile process. This was an issue I encountered with Word and Pages. So far it hasn't cropped up in Scrivener, but I need to manually confirm this for peace of mind.

Regarding Kindlegen: Scrivener incorporates Kindlegen into the compile process for .mobi files. It's nearly seamless, and generates good output when I test in Kindle Preview and the Kindle app for iPad.

KF8: I wasn't aware of this issue until you pointed it out. It might explain a spike of returns I experienced this month. See http://www.literatureandlatte.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=34&#... for more information.

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