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What Vehicle Should Startups Use For Seed Stage Fundraising? (slant.co)
22 points by grellas 1845 days ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 7 comments

Hey guys one of the founders of Slant here.

We are just getting started and a lot of the functionality we want is missing, but I'd love to hear your feedback on the direction we are taking with the site.

We eventually want to be the home of information StackOverflow is closing for being too subjective for their Q/A format.

The UX is slightly confusing. The Viewpoints toggles are easy to miss.

Ah you're right. That is one of the main things I'm worried about as the Viewpoint toggle are pretty much the most important UI control on that page. I'll work on making it more clear.

Equity. Everybody knows what they get.

Just curious, what about smaller rounds? Let's say 100k, how do you balance out legal costs that approach the size of the round?

Your legal costs shouldn't approach 100k in a seed round! 3-5k ...find a different attorney.

Yep. Series seed can be done for under 5k, and so can convertible equity/notes. It's less about the type of tool you're using, and more to do with how much modification to the standards you want to do. Thats the beauty of standardized documentation, minimal negotiation and cost.

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