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It would be interesting to compare this with another author's experience [1] using Sphinx. He also notes that EPUB and MOBI outputs are more challenging than PDF ones.

[1]: http://pedrokroger.net/2012/10/using-sphinx-to-write-books/

I'm the author of this article. The main problem I found with EPUB and MOBI is how they are implemented in each reader. For instance, kindle 2 doesn't format tables correctly, while kindle 3 does. iBooks has some undocumented bugs that makes you want to cry. If your book is simple (just text) there's no problem; but if you have source code, tables, images, etc., you may run into problems.

Agree. As I was looking into various ebook production tools that are commandline based, Sphinx and pandoc struck me as two very good solutions.

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