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I'm not certain this will help with that problem. It seems some people will just continue posting silly 1 star reviews:


There is a chance, in fact, that since tech-savvy users are more likely to be worried about online privacy, that this could increase the proportion of review that are by people who don't know what they are doing, and don't care about posting stupid reviews under their real name.

Wait, why is it tech-savvy to be worried about your privacy?

I think he's basing that on recent history. There's been a fair amount of privacy issues that have gotten a lot of press and attention in the "tech" corners of the internet, but been either ignored or immediately forgotten by the population at large.

My guess at the reason behind this would be that, in general, "threats" to online privacy are not exactly overt; one needs a certain degree of knowledge about what is going on under the hood to even understand that one's privacy is being violated (understanding the implementation of cookies, flash cookies, referrer links, social plugins, etc etc etc is hardly trivial for someone not interested in the details of tech for other reasons).

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