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Show HN: Extensionizr - Start a chrome extension in 15 seconds (extensionizr.com)
20 points by altryne1 1698 days ago | hide | past | web | 4 comments | favorite

Looks great. Did you try http://www.CrossRider.com ? - quite useful to jump-start extensions development.

Yeah I know crossrider, what they do is awesome!

But this is more for the "do it yourself" guys, who just need a bootstrap.

I built it out of laziness to copy-paste the extensions forlder for each new extension. And checking out what each thing in the manifest means.

Looks great for a tool build out of laziness :-)

But OS X Archive Utility hangs on my machine during extracting ...

It's a weird bug! I need to see what to do about it, unarchiver works, as does winrar and winzip and 7zip and other programs.

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