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antr 512 days ago | link | parent

The only way this can be positive for the users is if Google links the developers' Google+ accounts to their Apps. This way they will be held accountable too.

Right now users do not know who the developers behind the Apps are (unless explicitly mentioned in their website, etc.), by linking it to the Google+ profile (here comes my WAG) developers of crappy, spammy and clone apps can be made accountable, and consequently reducing the number of overall bogus/lame apps in the Android ecosystem.

rkwz 512 days ago | link

A Google+ account can be created by anyone and for any number of times. How does this solve the bogus/virus apps problem?


diminoten 512 days ago | link

I'm trying to imagine the scenario where my app publishing history precludes me from a job, and I'm struggling.


blake8086 512 days ago | link

Apps for tracking specific medical conditions.

Apps related to financial difficulty: budgeting, bankruptcy, etc.

Apps that seem mischievous: hacking, tracking, encrypting, pirating, etc.


diminoten 511 days ago | link

Yeah, I don't see a scenario where a company would decide not to hire me because of any of this activity.


Evbn 512 days ago | link

"Sexy Movie Stars of an Unexpected Gender Free"


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