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Aha! Now all developers (not just "Top Developers") will be able to communicate with their users! This is most fantastic news. It's always been frustrating for someone to leave a comment and there be absolutely no way to respond to them. This solves that handily.

Alternative interpretation:

> Aha! Now all developers (not just "Top Developers") will be able to harass their users!

Google+ has a fantastic "Block" function, you should use it.

Not of much help when somebody has hold of your actual identity. I have reached for a much simpler solution instead: not use G+ in the first place. Sadly Google's extension of G+ to all of their property also gradually leaves me avoiding more of Google's products every day.

Curious as to how you would communicate with a user. Do you expect to add that user to a Google+ circle and then send him/her a message. Not really a big G+ user so I'm not sure if a user can get a message from someone if they have not added them mutually to a circle

I've sent G+ messages to people who have not added me to a circle. This is supported, just like on Facebook.

Good question. I hadn't really thought that far ahead yet, about the most ideal form for a developer to respond to comments - just that there finally will be a method. I suppose, first, that it depends on how Google implements this. There may be comments allowed on the comments left by users, and then the obvious move is for developers to respond there. Otherwise, I suppose the developer could make a G+ post and share it with just the person who commented, or send the user an email if that's an option.

It works like twitter, you type "+username blah blah blah", if you want it to be a completely private message, remove any other people/circles in the share to box.

Unwanted contact is a great way to instantly turn all those 2 and 3 star reviews into 1 star.

"Developer is annoying and keeps trying to solicit more feedback. Leave me alone."

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