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It's also a change in mindset in the 'developer community'. Up until let's say 5 years ago, Javascript was considered plain dirty. Javascript was a non-portable hack that was only to be touched in the most extreme circumstances. Websites that didn't work on Lynx were reviled. Oh how things have changed, and yet have stayed the same at that same time (i.e., your 'welcome to 1990' comment).

On a related note, the last couple of weeks I've been working on rewriting an old (2000-era) web app, originally written in Visual Interdev. Visual Interdev was widely derided back then, it was something only Visual Basic 'programmers' (the chaff of the programming community) would touch. Turns out that many things it did are a lot more popular nowadays - client side calculations, validation, dynamically updating the UI, etc. Of course there was no XMLHttpRequest, so by modern standards it was quite limited; still, it's funny how something so derided back then just turned out to be ahead of its time.

I once read a book about MFC (Microsoft foundation classes) programming in Windows. This book had some web programming chapters, and one of them was DTHML (dynamic HTML) how it was called then. The author even said "Silly HTML" to it (it makes more sense in German, because silly starts with a "d" in German) and said that this is absolutely worthless, cause it will never work in more than one browser.

These were the days. Funny how some things change and "silly ideas" are all the rage.

> Funny how some things change and "silly ideas" are all the rage.

This is because of the adoption of the technology and its evolution. It is not just the technology per se.

If a tree falls in the forest and no one is around to hear it does it make a sound?

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