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Apps are Dead. Long Live Experiences. (kindel.com)
9 points by linuxcoder 1699 days ago | hide | past | web | 7 comments | favorite

My brain is what creates the experience out of the sensory input and its current state, memory etc. Therefore at best you may contribute to that sensory input -- the experience is still of my own making, thank you very much. At worst you prove to be a shallow thinker and a goosestepping torturer of language and get ignored. goes on to have a bunch of wonderful experiences, none of which any author or app maker is a part of

Mmm. Nothing really new there. "Experience", "Holistic Design", are all very widely known concepts in marketing. It is all about consistency between the different services/faces you show to the public. What was the point of this post?

Original author here.

I wonder how many of the commenters so far read the Experience = post that I linked to in this post? [1]

Maybe you are smarter than the average bear, but I regularly engage with big brands and publishers, who just want to "build an app". They do not see the bigger picture that, to be the most effective, they need to build something beyond an "app". The point of this post (and my other posts regarding Experience) is to help them gain a broader perspective.

I've found it works well.

[1] http://ceklog.kindel.com/2012/04/02/experience-stuff-time/

Maybe this is just that we are dealing with different businesses? I am sure there are indeed some businesses like the ones you describe where "building the app" is the only thing they care about. I was just saying that the idea of "Experience" instead of "Product/App" has been floating around for a long time in many different fields. When you book a trip somewhere, the travel agent does not go into describing each particular aspect of the trip, they try to make you imagine what it's like to be there. When you go in Disneyland, everything is made to make you feel like you step in their world. Advertisers know this very well and their whole business is about creating experiences out of products.

So, my point is that this narrative is very, very well known and I think this was already described in marketing books from the 60s-70s but this is just out of memory. So, that is why I said this is nothing really new.

At least you admit that your title was link bait.

I stopped reading after "apps are dead"

Experiences are dead! Long live brandcuffs!

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