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Location sharing app Moby launches Android version (mo.by)
18 points by pwysinski 1642 days ago | hide | past | web | 16 comments | favorite

Sounds useful. Some non-consumer examples off the top of my head are: -search and rescue missions. Track the location of each person as they search and figure out what parts of the geography have been covered. -trucking companies. They spend a lot on GPS navigation systems; perhaps you can offer a cheaper alternative?

Also, it only works on android 4.0+? Is that necessary? I got 2.6 :(

I wish Google Latitude had the functionality to share the location only for limited time.

Maybe I'm unimaginative, but why would I use this? I'd like to see an example or three of why this app is cool. The only thing I can think of is if you're going to go meet someone, but this idea isn't fleshed out on the site.

An example they gave last time: when you're on a multi-car road trip, you can know everyone's location/ETA.

Off the top of my head: event planning. You often dispatch organizers to pick up props/food/whatever and with Moby, you don't have to call and ask where they are.

One I can think of is a marathon, family/friends could see how you're doing.

The rising prevalence of youths who have smart phones makes location sharing apps like this a great tool for parents letting their kids be more independent. That's just one use of this app that I can think of. Several other commenters here have already pointed out great uses: caravans, search and rescue coverage, etc. so I will not try to add on to that. Overall, it's well made and deserves to become a staple tool for live location sharing.

Pretty useful. Finally I can just send them 1 text w/ my location instead of them reaching out to me all the time of my eta.

my first impression: useless.

my second impression, mail a link to someone who wants to know where i am and how long i'm going to wait there. awesome.

i like it. straight to the point and neat. could i have built it myself? definitely. do i want to build it myself? most definitely not.

I'm glad there is still innovation in this space despite how Google Latitude floundered.

WOT is giving me a warning. It seems others have rated it very negatively, and pushed it into red.

you are welcome to check-out Geo Messages: http://www.servletsuite.com/geomessage/

is this any different than Glympse?

We built this because we found Glympse's UX was cumbersome and difficult to navigate. Just like how Instagram stripped down features from other photo sharing apps and made a better experience, we iterated a design that was super easy to use especially for drivers who want to share their location quickly.

Moby is also more of an enterprise and API play. We enable developers to easily add real-time location aware features to their applications while we handle the plumbing. If you're interested, check out http://mo.by/developers

being developped using PhoneGap, it would be nice to have some feedback on how easy the porting from iOs was, and what kind of tools / js framework they used !

So its like Google latitude except new and exciting, and not forced down your throat.

Latitude was not pushed down anyone's throat.

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