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sethbannon 510 days ago | link | parent

Another for the Data category: Silvia Terra (http://www.silviaterra.com/). They count trees from space.

brianbreslin 510 days ago | link

Wonder what other industries need large scale inventory done like this from effectively image recognition?


pclark 510 days ago | link

Why is this useful? I'm asking because I am a tree counting noob, vs. trying to be a dick


noonespecial 510 days ago | link

I don't have any expertise either but here's a conjecture:

I'm a lumberjack and I'm okay... I want to buy 1000 Acres of pristine forestland and then spend 8 years wrangling with the government for the right to log it. So how much wood could I cut if I could cut wood?


akavi 510 days ago | link

If I remember correctly (One of the founders is an acquaintance), logging companies frequently have large parcels of land of varying quality, size, and even contiguity. Being able to cheaply determine the the composition of the trees on these disparate parcels better allows them to determine which areas would be most lucrative to develop logging operations (an enormous capital investment) in, which is incredibly valuable.


maaku 510 days ago | link

I'm not friends with any of the founders, but I'd imagine it'd be useful for environmental groups too.


waterlesscloud 510 days ago | link

Real estate transactions involving logging rights?

Forestry Service studies too, I'm sure.


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