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As I read these, my first thought was that I don't think big enough.

Agree (i thought the same thing about myself). Big ideas for a big space are hard to come by.

Nonsense; there's plenty of ideas. Just attend the Space Frontier Foundation's NewSpace conference to see, or pick up any O'Neill-inspired hard sci-fi and have a read.

What's missing is execution. Why do we all have a man-crush on Elon Musk? Because for the past 30 years it's been the same pool of a dozen-odd failed entrepreneurs suckering the next batch of investors to losing money on The Next Variation Of The Same Old Idea That Will Really Make You Money This Time, I Promise. Now SpaceX is actually pulling it off, and all it took was a little execution. Kistler? Bell? Rotary rocket? They all tried the same business model. What they lacked was the business know-how and straight-forward execution to make it happen and get in the black.

I encourage every entrepreneur here with real world experience to give the space sector a serious look. We could use your experience.

Remember, the first trillionaire will be made in space.

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