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The reason it's important is that regardless of whatever else the purpose of the laws of the US are to protect US citizens and maintain their rights. That's a fundamental, founding aspect of our country and heavily embedded within the constitution.

Here we have a situation where, to put it in the least glamorous light, a US citizen may be summarily executed for little more than being outside of US soil. That's a bit harsh but it's compatible with the track record so far. And if a US citizen has no protections outside of US territory then that implies non-US citizens have even less protections. To say that such a scenario is distressing is to put it mildly.

What happens when, not if, other countries build up their drone fleets and engage in similar low-level warfare throughout the world? Will the developing world become a de facto 24/7 battlefield contested over by the developed countries? Will the lives of most of the world's citizens be subject to nothing more than the whims of some bureaucrat or soldier in a richer, more powerful country?

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