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San Francisco Hacker News meetup happening this Thursday
92 points by lowglow on Nov 27, 2012 | hide | past | web | favorite | 34 comments
Hi Everyone,

I'm organizing a SFHN meetup this Thursday, November 29th. It will be at the Coderwall offices on 480 2nd Street, Suite 302 from 6pm-8pm.

Refreshments will be provided!


Please RSVP at http://sfhn.eventbrite.com/ and join our FB group at https://www.facebook.com/groups/gosfhn

Also, Big thanks to Matthew Deiters at Coderwall for providing their office for this meetup.

http://www.coderwall.com/ if you haven't already checked them out yet.

I hit waitlist when I RSVP. Can I still drop by?

Yes. I just opened up more tickets.

I'll be there with 2 colleagues from Shanghai where we've been organizing a HN meetup every month for the past year and a half (http://shanghaihn.org/).

I'm interested to find out what your format is and what has been working for you guys. Please find me when you arrive so we can chat. Your site looks great, btw. Happy to have our Shanghai HNers represent!

I went to a number of LA HN meetups organized by andrewvc that went really well. You might want to ping him for tips...

Usually we had some socializing/networking time, followed by 1-2 lightning talks and one longer talk, followed by more socializing.

Definitely, will contact you on our arrival: I'll DM you my US number. Both @ makarawang and @balou will be with me.

Looking forward to seeing everybody there. How many spots were available?

Nice to see these spreading to SF! I used to go to the ones in Seattle. You might want to consider creating an event on Meetup, it's tended to work better for us for recurring events like these should hopefully become.

Thanks for the advice. I went ahead and made a meetup group for anyone inclined http://www.meetup.com/San-Francisco-Hacker-News-Meetup/

Great. I am in. I just moved to SF and need some community friction.

Awesome! Can't wait to meet you.

Thanks for organizing. Free is very appreciated. Sounds like format/agenda is still in the works, any possibility of posting a rough idea of what to expect before would be sweet.

Since this meetup is the first of many to come, I plan on using this as an opportunity to meet, greet, and strengthen the community.

I'll talk with people about formats and perhaps send a survey out afterwards. I'd like something that really helps the community without people ever feeling like something is being sold to them.

The meetup should be pure, constructive, and hopefully everyone can grow a little more because of it.

I'm in. Just moved to SF and ready to meet some awesome new folks!

Psyched to meet some HNers in SF!

Signed up, looking forward! Managed to get a 'pending' ticket that was dropped by a fellow HNer. Thanks, whoever you are.

Sweet, just registered.

Btw can you change the name of FB group from San Francisco to SF Bay Area..since most people don't live in the city but surrounding areas?

For those of us who do live in the city, it's good to know whether an event is actually in San Francisco, which means I can get to it by bike or public transit in the evening, or generically somewhere in the Bay Area, which would probably be fine for someone who lived generically elsewhere in the Bay Area and had a car, but not for me. So the distinction is semantically meaningful.

See you guys there!

Awesome...more meetups in Bay Area!

Great! Being one block away from home/work, there is absolutely no excuse for me not to go.

Wow, got one of the last spots after only 47 minutes. Maybe a larger venue is warranted?

I'm not sure if everyone that RSVPs will show up. If we reach capacity at this event, I'll plan to have the next one at a larger venue.

Either way, I bumped up the number of available tickets.

What goes on at these meetups?

The idea is that no matter how small the scene may seem, we all need a good excuse to get out and meet more awesome people.

This event will give us all a good opportunity to talk about projects, expand our network, and hopefully learn something cool.

Can't make this one, but certainly interested in attending the next.

We'll try to make these monthly or bimonthly depending on demand.

Nice. Thanks for organizing.

Nice, will some of them be on the weekend?

6pm is a bit too early for me to make it on a work night (plus the commute time for those of us outside SF).

Damn, I'm in class then. Next time.

Looking forward to it!

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