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WillWorkFor (willworkfor.org)
17 points by papermuse 1699 days ago | hide | past | web | 20 comments | favorite

This is an interesting idea with a horrible landing page.

But right now it's just profiles of three (interesting) people. Their messages and vision are great, definitely something I could get behind, but there's nothing there to engage in discussion, encourage others, or really give the site a purpose beyond "showing off the efforts of three people."

It's a portfolio. With a really bad landing page.

>> Meet Ani, Claire and Reed, three characters who could almost be real

Are they actually profiles of three people? That copy suggests otherwise. I'm as confused as everybody else as to what the point of this is.

Oh, good point. Hmm..... Well, if they are not real, then it seems even more pointless. Yeah, color me confused.

I get/like the idea of trying to engage people in conversation about important social issues and technology, which is what I thought the site is trying to do (just doing it quite horribly)..... but I'm really not so sure now.

That's what this is? I guess that explains why the site didn't do anything when I entered "sex" as what I would work for. Seriously though, this site was not well thought out.

I came to the comments because I dont understsand the page. Strange animations and I can't put somtething in the input field. I am confuesd...


"Most unreadable web page seen in a month"

I wouldn't say that it's unreadable, but I have no idea what it's trying to say.

Try viewing it on a mobile device. Not only will you not know what they're trying to say, you won't be able to read it.

No it's actually unreadable. Half the text is super low contrast.

Hover over some low contrast text and you'll see what they're trying to do, although it is not obvious and probably not mobile-friendly.

I seriously still have no clue what I'm supposed to be looking for.

This looks cool, and the message is something I can get behind. Only, what is the purpose of the site?

I'm asking honestly. Is there a product somewhere? A mailing list? A forum? What am I supposed to do?

One of the firms behind the site calls it "a design provocation intended to spark a reaction and fuel a conversation" on their Tumblr.

So I guess you're supposed to react and start talking.

i.e. troll, basically.

Is this supposed to be a joke. It seems like there are numerous grammatical errors. I feel like it's a joke that I'm not getting.

Will work for: less confusing landing pages

There are some vaguely cool ideas, themes and concepts here, but what is it really for? Why should I use this, what can I do with it? And why doesn't the prominent search bar do anything?

I think I get it, sort of.

Use the search bar at the top, type in something (or choose one they rotate), then facebook post or tweet it out, and it'll spread their message, and indicate to them (and everyone) that you're willing to work for (better health, food, money, whatever).

Pretty undiscoverable functionality, imo.

So, click a button and tweet one of their messages as if it's not basically free advertising?


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