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Show HN: Dubjoy makes it easy to voice translate any video (dubjoy.com)
53 points by tadruj 1759 days ago | hide | past | web | 16 comments | favorite

This is one of those projects that looks like with just the right combination it'll take off. I can see Chinese people especially translating a huge deal of dramas, technical articles, news(!), etc. Subtitling would probably be a great feature as well, and seems like it'd fit in well with the exact same interface.

Really impressive execution - what're the long term goals for Dubjoy?

We're thinking subtitling might help with dubbing efforts but we won't go in subtitles direction for now. Amara has this field covered really good.

Long term goal is to become a YouTube for non English speaking users :)

That's completely wrong direction IMO, and there's no market called 'Youtube for non-English users'. You should implement a HTML5 overlay so users could enable dubs on any existing Youtube video. The page with embedded videos would just include dubjoy.js or user could use a browser extension to enable dubs on Youtube itself. Then list all already dubbed videos on your website.

Pretty good long term goal, but I think it's awesome you're basically helping spread stuff to a wider audience.

I've tried using your app in Chromium (on Ubuntu 12.10), but the the flash permission doesn't show up (http://imgur.com/VD25h). It seems to be working in Google Chrome, though.

It's been a rough ride for us regarding browser compatibility. In the beginning we wanted to support them all, but then quickly boiled it down to just Chrome. It's a really good browser for prototyping. At first we wanted to use native controls for audio recording, but quickly realized that it won't go, because it's still very beta. We decided to use Flash for voice recording, but a week ago Google surprised us with a broken release. We're sure they'll fix it soon. In the future we'll be more careful and will consider Firefox and others also.

Sad thing one that google part, but I hope you'll be able to move away from flash soon.

This thing is amazing. Helping ordanary people spread good video content to a wider audience is great, and just think of all the Ted talks that could be dubbed like this. Sadly I know planty of people who just don't get to enjoy all the stuff out there because the language barrier.

ps: listening to Jobs in german made me giggle.

We didn't say anything about technology stack: we host on Heroku using Sinatra and Ruby, Backbone.js, HAML,CoffeScript is used for frontend, the awesome Firebase for real-time communication with backend workers, which run on AWS/written in Python using Sox.

I don't understand how Google can push out a broken version of Chrome for voice recording. All the services that use voice recording are broken now.

It seems it "slipped" through the cracks, although it was discovered before they released version 23 for Mac.

They are working on a fix, but in the meantime, lots of people are inconvenienced using tools dealing with mic access.

Yep. Apparently a fix is on the way.


I like the idea. it has the potential of making a change and enabling people to do new things.

Seen this when it was still very rough. Huge progress so far. Keep it up.

Could be pretty useful for some projects I am working on.

Tried it and I love it.. So simple..

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