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On “Hacking” Y Combinator Interviews and Successful Startups (menez.es)
36 points by timr 1699 days ago | hide | past | web | 10 comments | favorite

I have strong reservations against the word "hacking" in of itself. From an engineering perspective, "hacking" is a quick-n-dirty fix, like "hacking" it together with duct tape. It seems so subversive and manipulative, especially in the context of "hacking" these interviews.

I'd rather not say that I "hacked" together anything. What about diligently and properly planning, designing, researching, and implementing?

Where are the "How I planned for my YCombinator interviews" articles?

Did you read the article? Because that's exactly what it's about.

Yes I've read it. I'm merely emphasizing the word "hacking" in general.

Okay, just curious, as I wasn't sure if it was an attack on the article or in agreement with that. (It's been my experience that quite a few people just read the title and make snide comments, it's one of the things I dislike most about HN.)

Indeed, I find that it's used so much and in so many different ways that I really wish it'd fall out of favor. It now carries so many connotations and subtleties that linguistically speaking, it always seems like the "wrong tool for the job."

most of those are due to the refusal to use the word "cracker" for the connotations and subtleties that require it.

Well, pg explained the word "hacker" on video[1], and on a longer essay[2]. Since this is his website, I believe many people here don't get these things confused (after all, this is Hacker News).

[1] https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_detailpage&...

[2] http://paulgraham.com/gba.html

I think there are a fair number of tips which would help especially for a YC application or YC interview and which would generally help your business but not as much outside of those contexts.

Great read.

You all need to relax on this hacking hate.

Hacking is often just a way of saying tips.

Just like "Fail Fast" means launch, measure and iterate quickly.

Eric Ries isn't the only one who can change the meaning of words. :)

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