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Lean Domain Search now includes premium domain names in every search (leandomainsearch.com)
21 points by matt1 1700 days ago | hide | past | web | 11 comments | favorite

Hey guys,

Back in January I launched Lean Domain Search, a domain name generator, on HackerNews [1]. I've been hard at work on it (I actually left my day job in September) and have spent the last few weeks on this latest change.

In the past when you performed a search the site only shows you available domain name results. With this change, it now checks Sedo's database and returns relevant premium domain names from their portfolio as well. I've tried to not make the results too intrusive so that they don't get in the way if all you're looking for are available domain names.

Would love to get your feedback -- thanks!

[1] http://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=3470977

Am I the only one that is way too paranoid to use a service like this? I already assume that half of the DNS registrars are underhandedly registering good domain names that go through their lookup services.

Hey Ryan,

I understand your concern because unfortunately some registrars have done this in the past. I can tell you that I've never shared what you're searching for with anyone else; no one benefits from your searches other than you.

For what it's worth, in the 10+ months of Lean Domain Search's existence there hasn't been one allegation of impropriety -- and it should stay that way as long as I'm doing my job of keeping your searches private.

  I can tell you that I've never shared what you're 
  searching for with anyone else; no one benefits from your 
  searches other than you.
That's reassuring! I suppose if you're suggesting dozens of domains to people, registering them speculatively would be difficult as there are so many options.

How do you search Sedo without telling them the search term?

(If you want to be pedantic, my query is revealed to Google+, Google Analytics, Mixpanel, Kissmetrics, Facebook, Cloudfront, Twitter and BigHugeLabs - although I doubt facebook is in the business of domain name squatting)

Hey again,

I hear what you're saying but there's just too much risk for anyone -- me, Sedo, whoever, to engage in domain name front running (the official term for what you're describing). If people knew that Sedo, for example, was registering domain names based on what terms people were searching for then people would stop using Sedo. Sedo, in turn, would take a huge long term financial hit all in exchange for a few domain names. Consider that we're still talking about Network Solutions doing it and that was almost five years ago. They permanently damaged their reputation by doing that. It's just not worth it.

I can tell you that I used leandomainsearch to get my domain for a project that shifted focus (old domain was completely irrelevant) and it was a great tool. That said, I'm just a random guy on the internet but I plan on using it again.

I hope it helps with monetization! It's a potentially useful feature, which can bring in money to you, and it's not too annoying.

My only real concern that the site seems to have more latency than it did last time I used it - I'm sure sure if it's due to increased load, or waiting for the RTT to Sedo, but it's something to keep in mind.

Perhaps you could fill those in with a separate ajax call, so they aren't necessarily blocking the other results while you wait for sedo?

The increased latency is caused by API calls that the app has to make to Sedo for new queries. I've spent a lot of time optimizing it lately, but agree that there's still room for improvement. It comes down to a tradeoff: would you rather get more premium results but have to wait a little while longer or get less results but have them quickly? For now I've taken the middle road, but that may change depending on how it affects usage.

Appreciate you bringing it up though and for suggesting alternatives.

Perhaps you could load fewer premium results beforehand but load the rest via AJAX?

It's actually all done via Ajax that way it doesn't affect the page load time. The search itself is also done on a separate server that way it doesn't tie up any of the app's dynos on Heroku (go go JSONP).

I could make an initial API call and get a handful of results, but handling the remainder would be tricky. For example, let's say that the preliminary search returns 12 domains and I immediately display them to the user. Ten seconds later the second Ajax call returns an additional 60 premium domains. How do I display those to folks in a non-intrusive way? I'm open to suggestions :)

Nice work!

Have you thought about trying to pull in domains from Afternic MLS as well?

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