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Ask HN: what words would you use to describe your favorite programming language?
6 points by blambeau 1760 days ago | hide | past | web | 5 comments | favorite
A 1 min. survey: http://plwords.herokuapp.com/

Basically, I'd like to build tag clouds for different programming languages such as ruby, scala, java, python, clojure, C, C#, etc. The words would be collectively chosen by hackers themselves (language practitioners, say).

I hope that obtained results will be somewhat representative of the language communities, without aiming at conducting a serious experiment though.

Later, I'd like to see if people agree for a given PL. Also, if hackers easily recognize PLs when facing a given tag cloud obtained through the survey. Provided I'm able to collect enough data, I'll update the website with results (including generated tag clouds).


The description "one per line" for the input does not reflect how it is displayed afterwards. It rather seems to be separated by any whitespace.

Well, mine is not very subjective.

what do you mean? Is it very objective then?

;) You are correct.


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