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The $35 Raspberry Pi: The cheapest way to play Minecraft (extremetech.com)
8 points by Libertatea 1822 days ago | hide | past | web | 9 comments | favorite

Hmm I was aware that when you get a product in USA and sell in the UK the conversion is to change the $ sign to a £ sign. But I have not seen it go the other way!

Can you realy purchase a Pi for $25?

Can you purchase one? I don't believe so. Is one planned? Yes. Currently the only one on the market is the $35 option, but the $25 option is planned as a lower-spec version. Have a peek at their FAQs


With shipping and conversion rates, the price I actually paid when I ordered mine was around $45-$50 though.

I ordered mine 8 months ago. It should be arriving sometime within the next 20 days. Longest wait to play Minecraft I've ever had.

Crazy. I didn't know there was still a backlog on it. I ordered two when it launched and have had both for months and months.

Probably depends more on the stocks of the resellers and where you are ordering from.

Yeah, I bought mine from RS. They recently sent me an email saying the product was on the way, but no tracking number. I guess it will be a surprise.

I just wish they could scale their production. The Pi is great, but a waiting list of months is just crazy.

I ordered mine from http://www.newark.com/ and had it within 2 weeks.

I ordered mine in April? May? It got here last Saturday. I'm not complaining (I've been busy with other stuff; I haven't even had a chance to play with it yet!), it's pretty awesome to think of this kind of power for so little cost, and it's like early Christmas :)

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