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Just tried Typeracer... It's so awesome! Definitely much more fun than OP. Did you ever make money from it? Maybe consider making a social mobile app?

Thanks! I got it to ramen-profitable after a couple years. Would be cool to make a mobile app. I'm sort of looking for a partner for that.

Man so far I've been spending 10 minutes a day on typeracer, as a morning warmup. You did a great job on making it fun!

Some random ideas I have about it (since it's easier to talk about stuff than to build it): * Your quotes are all from famous books and movies, and you have affiliate links to Amazon... brilliant! * Do you have a mechanism that minimizes repetition? * Do you ever need to fake competition? * Could you visualize mistakes as crashes, to keep things exciting? * Consider making a keyboard UI for the site (Although I use vimium) * Build a mechanism to challenge your friends. * Analyze history and plot it. Take into account difficulty of paragraphs (come up with difficulty rating based on your user data). * Give typing tips; perhaps it's enough to analyze words that the user mistyped, and offer them more passages with them. * Improve the CSS. The UI should reflect the incredibly high level of polish in the gameplay.

Maybe I'll have more random ideas when I play it tomorrow. ;)

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