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I put the number in question because the people who made these estimations didn't have a proper grasp of what consciousness may be.

That being said, I didn't read the papers in question, and they may have a valid argument.

However, I don't understand how you can encode in 16 per second the evolution of your current experience out of all the possible states your brain may be in and go to.

There is a lot of compression due to expectations, but I still find it hard to believe that it is so low.

Edit: For serial tasks (say, reading, listening to someone speak), the 16-40 bps range makes some sense, but I don't think that visual experience can be reduced that much.

Edit 2: Take, say, music. You can encode the audible note tones on 6-7 bit. You can easily listen 4 notes chords played 4 times per second. We're already in the 100 bps ball park, and we haven't taken timbre and loudness into account.

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