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> I find it hard to believe that an equally detailed and well-written post from a male perspective would not be received in much the same way.

I can only assume that you are very naive; for the average male is impossible to read this article without imaging a woman using the device; wish does not mean that there aren't legitimate and interesting discussions in this thread; but is clear that the exponential popularity grow of this article is strongly correlated with that fact.

Not everyone fits into neat little boxes. I read the article imagining using this device myself (and I'm a man!), or using it with a partner (man or woman).

Yeah, that is why I said "average". The average reader here is a white straight male engineer who is not interested in putting things on his rectum.

Ahem. You'd be surprised how many white straight males are indeed interested in that. We've been pleasantly surprised by the popularity of Violet & Rye's straight-couple pegging #realworldsex video on https://makelovenotporn.tv/....:)

Not the majority; wish is usually what is implied with the word "average."

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