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We have completly different definitions for that word then.

For example If a boss needs to hire a good secretary for one of his employees; and assign him the task of finding one and then tells him "Don't let your hormones decide for you" is pretty clear what he means; that sexual attraction and gender should be irrelevant in the selection proccess and he should focus in practical skills a secretary should have. And there is nothing sexist about that; because sexism is discrimination based on gender and this is an enforcement for the lack of that kind of discrimination.

Do men still have to be told not to let their hormones affect their choice of hires? I didn't realize that was still a thing.

Also, why does it have to be a secretary? Are they 100% female now? If he was looking for an engineer, would he need to be told not to let his hormones decide?

They don't "have" to be told; but its sometimes a healthy reminder... and it was just an example.

The majority of secretaries are female (not all); and is no secret that sometimes people hire based on looks instead of actual skills.

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