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Have you considered branching out into related areas, like games? I'm talking European-style and other board games and similar... things where physical location still matters.

That's interesting. We've thought of many things, but not that. I'll pass it along.

A concept that works very well in college areas that I've seen is called "Snakes and Lattes". Basically a coffeeshop that has plenty of seating for playing board games. I've seen it work with bubbletea places as well. Seems to drive a lot of traffic by word of mouth due to its cooperative nature.

That sounds cool. Apparently "Snakes and Lattes" is a cafe in Toronto with this theme, whereas I was thinking of it as being a weekly event.

edit: Overall, I think selling coffee would definitely be a good idea, though this would require someone with that type of experience in order to deliver a valuable product.

One issue with this is that selling board games suffers some of the same issues as selling books. It is very easy for someone to buy one online for very cheap. Plus there isn't as much of a secondhand market.

In addition in the area there are a few stores that sell board games that are already established. Off the top of my head I can think of two in Cambridge. Pandemonium Books and Games and Games People Play.

I second this recommendation. I hardly ever go into a used book store, except when I know they also sell boardgames and I want to try out a boardgame before purchase. Plus, it's a lot of fun.

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