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My girlfriend wrote this post for the same reason she wrote the the other posts on her blog: to share her work and talk about neat hacks. Your statement that she's doing it for attention is incredibly sexist.

Also she's queer, so the idea that she's doing it for male attention is pretty funny really.

I loved the stuff about reverse engineering the protocol. Very neat stuff.

This is a great post with so many neat hacks along the way--when she started talking about modeling and 3D printing the enclosure I was thinking "Wow, this is a true renaissance hacker."

The world needs more blog posts like this.

Yeah, she's impressive. You might enjoy some of the other posts on her blog too, my favorite is the duct tape RFID post, but mostly because she made that one for me.

(But also it's a neat hack, she powers the microcontroller via the I/O pins and just attaches the vcc and ground pins to a capacitor.)

>Also she's queer

Your good fortune, mankind's loss:


'queer' (depending on one's definition) is basically "it's complicated". "Queer" does not imply "lesbian". She might not have ruled out all men.

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