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I have plenty of evidence and basis in experience, and anyone can see exactly what I mean by following what I mentioned above.

>The only person who has made this conversation sexist is you and those who brought the topic up.

Ah yes, the same thing that anyone steeped in unchecked privilege says when they've got nothing left to argue. Black people are racist for complaining about discrimination, feminists are sexist for pointing out objectification, blah blah blah. Bored now.

Ah yes, pre emptively insulting anyone that disagrees with you. A fine debate tactic if there ever was one.

Look, we really really don't need every single Goddamn topic that involves females to turn into an ultrafeminist soapbox. At the very least it seems to attract a certain amount of crazy negativity (see SRS on Reddit), at best it's highly offtopic. This is Hacker News, not Feminist News.

Here you're judged by the coolness of what you do, not your gender.

"Unchecked privilege" isn't an insult.

Speak for yourself.

For that argument to work, there needs to be sexism to point out, but all you have is conjecture.

The juxtaposition of

> unchecked privilege


> says when they've got nothing left to argue

so ironic.

The problem with your argument at the bottom is that black people actually are at a disadvantage because of discrimination. Whereas society treats men poorly in some areas and women poorly in others.

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