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For anyone interested in more stuff like this, I run a site about sex and technology and track open source sex projects:


And while we're at it, fun fact:

There's a toy called the vstroker, that's basically an endcap to the fleshlight for doing accelerometer readings. (http://www.vstroker.com, NSFW). It also uses a CC25XX radio chip, and comes with a USB dongle that's basically the reference implementation. So, since these two talk on the same controls, you should be able to take the dongle from the vstroker and the lelo toy, and have full USB computer control.

Boom. Teledildonics capabilities, using a combination of toys that are (vaguely) gender incompatible.

I've got a vibe on order now, so I should have results tuesday. :)

qdot, you should write a script that automatically inserts (nsfw) after every link you paste.

Dude, you should see what I'm doing with eventlet at the moment. :)

really? mindblown.jpg, you gotta tell me about it sometime

What we need is a Kickstarter for this stuff, or some sort of prize or bounty system. I don't even know how long I've been reading about individuals online trying to design Random Vibrators (changing speeds in an un-learnable pattern to prevent acclimation, obviously not as simple as sending random numbers to the motor) and various individuals claiming to have homebrewed the even more legendary Intelligent Vibrator (with some sort of sensor that can detect when you get close to an orgasm and stop)... and yet neither of these are ever showing up for sale online. Ever. What's wrong with this market?

In terms of kickstarters for adult stuff, there's 2 already.

http://offbeatr.com/ http://www.passionateproduce.com/

And companies like lovepalz (http://lovepalz.com) and vibease (http://vibease.com, where the hell ARE you in this thread, Dema! I know it's like stupid AM over in Singapore but get on here and market, damnit :) ) are co-opting the "kickstarter look" even though they aren't running as actual crowdfunded projects.

In the end, you don't see a lot of products make it to market for 2 reasons. First, making hardware is difficult, but that's been covered here a bazillion times over. The contextual issue with sex tech is that people are scared to install a damn printer on their computer. Putting their private parts near it? Yeah right. If you can't design a user interface for an OS that someone is comfortable with, something as intimate as sex is sooo far off your damn radar.

I've seen 10s of companies come and go without ever getting a product to market since I started tracking this in 2004. There's a ton of factors that just aren't thought about yet.

If you want to see the state of the industry circa 2007:


That's a presentation I did back then. A lot of the info still holds, though there's many new players in the game now. I did an updated presentation in May, will see if there's video around. Or if anyone wants a presentation at their meetup of choice around the Bay Area, just lemme know.

I'm working on an article about sex tech startups (failed/succeeded, and current) that I'll hopefully get posted sometime this week.

I agree with Qdot. The common problem with most hardware startup is manufacturing. You need lotz of upfront money. Most VCs don't invest in hardware startup. The only available option is kickstarter. If you notice, even with lotz of money, most of kickstarter projects are delayed. Making prototype and hacking hardware is now easier compare to 10 years ago. But it's still challenging. We do own pre-order site, http://www.vibease.com

Ahem, don't forget to talk to me and my team about our sex tech startup...:) http://www.xbiz.com/news/156181

https://makelovenotporn.tv/ is not a hardware but Definitely it's awesome startup to disrupt sex industry.

MLNP wants to inspire and stimulate open, healthy conversations about sex and pornography. #realworldsex

Cindy on TED http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FV8n_E_6Tpc

haha! I'm here qdot! Thanks for mentioned Vibease.

And here is one that some guys in my hackerspace [semi-jokingly] run: http://dongiverse.com/

Hah, nice, and I'm one of the banner ads and I had no idea!

I actually started slashdong as somewhat of a joke 8 years ago, and now I travel internationally speaking on the subject. Life is weird.

This. The man knows his field.

Aww, you managed to be offensive inside a compliment. Cute.

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