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I'm so pleased there's no use of the word "dildonics" on that article.

And I'm sad there's no awesome open source version of Rez to go with her device. Probably NSFW for language and underwear photo (http://www.gamegirladvance.com/2002/10/sex-in-games-rezvibra...)

cough http://www.github.com/qdot/libtrancevibe

There's been open source trancevibe drivers since 2003. :)

There's 3 toys based on the protocol.

- The original Trancevibe (ebayable, surprisingly powerful)

- the Drmn trancevibe (http://tim.cexx.org/projects/vibe/), no longer sold

- This weird one: http://www.harnett-tech.com/search.php?act=search&SKU=US...

I wrote the original Second Life trancevibe control layer in 2005 (i.e. click on virtual genetalia, real vibrator vibrates), which was later integrated into in-world genetalia by one of the larger virtual sex object manufacturers. After the Drmn trancevibe went off sale, they created that last one to sell to customers.

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