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I can't wait for easily and cheaply 3d-printed electronics. Just the thought of buying the parts and plastic stuff, putting them in a machine, and letting it work, building a complete device.

I can dream.

Well, the more I looked into this possibility, the more I think it's not going to look like traditional electronics that we know. Chances are, somebody's working on this right now, and we just don't know about it.

There's been some promising blips here and there with the reprappers:



Some recent discussion on it and more up-to-date info.


I wonder if there is some order-to-3dprint business out there?

But there are plenty of 1-off or small run PCB manufacturers, which will surely be higher quality than anything produced by some 3d printing experiments.

It's true for now, and for the near term (read: couple of years). The trend for the 3D printers is that they'll both get faster and use different materials (or same material with different properties). That way, you can print everything in-place, from batteries, the board, and enclosure. You won't be able to replicate chips for a long while, besides really simple electronics, so it will probably be pick and place.

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