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I don't think it's hard for men, frankly - I think it's a bit too easy for women. Our culture has really become too carefree about showing off sex toys - but only for women, it seems. Compare the mental image of a woman accidentally dropping a dildo or a vibrator out of her purse, and that of a man dropping a rubber vagina out of his bag.

But there's a problem beyond the double standard. It's like public nudity: it sounds cool when you're a hormone-addled teenager, but then you realize that most people's bodies aren't a nice sight at all. That's why I'm thankful for common decency, and why I'm concerned about all the public dildo-waving: in most cases, I don't want to see your filthy body, and I certainly don't want to picture you having sex.

Of course, I have no problem with this blog post - but the "openness" that's bothering some of these posters does have the potential to impinge on my rights of peaceful enjoyment of our public meatspace.

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