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Every day, we’re bombarded with advertising. Billboards. TV. Internet. Flyers. Cereal. Shoes. Advertising comes in every form and flavor, and it’s impossible to get away from.

This isn't true. I seldom see billboards (I live in the city, looking at the traffic is more than enough); I don't have a TV, I don't get flyers, don't eat cereal, and use adblock in my browser. It's very very rare for me to see ads outside of free apps for my android devices, and those generally go away once I buy the non-free versions.

I do not expect an OS I pay for to show me ads, and I'll reject any such OS as maliciously attacking my attention span.

>I don't have a TV, I don't get flyers, don't eat cereal, and use adblock in my browser. //

Don't visit shops?

We don't watch broadcast TV and having used adblock for many years I find the messiness of un-filtered internet almost unbearable. However we get flyers posted through our door and I still occasionally buy things online (which come with flyers and adverts either at checkout or in the box) and I go shopping where advertising and marketing interfere at every shelf with the buying process. Then there's vehicle wraps, hoardings, posters and billboards, clothing based advertising, and all the usual paraphernalia of the street. Letters home from school, the inside cover at the back of the book you finished, the start of a DVD with its no-skip "feature". The rich host of a BBC program plugging their book (they're supposed not to allow advertising¹) ...

Where do you live, not in "The West" surely?

- - -

¹ But they let very rich people advertised on there anyway whilst being fastidious about removing any semblance of a logo for small companies or when the advert would be entirely incidental.

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