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I actually make them tell me my ssn. I took a call like this from a collector once. There is another person with my name who skipped on his verizon cell bill. I've never had a verizon cell. I was polite; he was a bit aggressive, but I simply explained the fact that it couldn't have been me. I didn't reveal anything about my info.

I then called verizon and confirmed with them that they didn't have a record of me (but yes had someone with my name). They confirmed he had a different ssn.

I then wrote a letter to the agency telling them that a 2 minute call to verizon would confirm that I wasn't their man. I told them that I consider their failure to do so was negligent, and I would hold them entirely responsible for any damage to my credit rating.

My credit rating was not affected- but it may have had nothing to do with my letter.

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