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Show HN: Freemium usability testing for your startup
6 points by rnochumo 1824 days ago | hide | past | web | 6 comments | favorite
I have been fine tuning a competitor to usertesting.com. I am specifically focusing on getting real user feedback for startup's websites.

Website owners ask the testers what to focus on and our testers record between 8-15 minutes of feedback while navigating the website.

I am crowd sourcing the feedback and delivering the video in as fast as 1-2 hours. I would like to show it to you and see if I can maintain a quick delivery rate.

http://betapunch.com. If you have a website and are looking for some honest feedback, give it a try and I would love to know what you think!

Thanks, -Ross

Hi Ross, I am on the same boat as richo here. Not really a start up but just an app I put together and wanted some user feedback. The site looks easy enough to use and navigate through. For now I just went with one free test. Depending the quality of the feedback from that one tester, I might buy 5 more tests next.

Cheers and congrats! I definitely see myself using your site over usertesting.com

We have just under 400 sites tested and a database of more than 1400 user testers.

Hi ross,

I just used the service to test my website. I really liked it. In my case, downloading the videos would be somewhat important.

Thanks a lot, I'll definitely be purchasing tests.

Somehow I managed to get two tests when only one should be free.

You were the 400th startup so we gave you 2 :) It was a promotion I mentioned on twitter - you just happened to be lucky and signed up at the right time.

We do provide you with a direct URL to view your videos so you can share it with whoever you'd like to. I am still working on a solution for our customers to be able to download their videos.

Thanks for trying it out and I am glad you had a positive experience.

I signed up out of curiosity, but it doesn't look like there's an option to not test yet.

I'm building a product, not a startup exactly and so I need to organise some useful data to be in the test environment before they use it.

All you have to do is set your "Screen Recording Link" to "Disabled" from your control panel page and that will make it so you do not receive a test yet until you are ready. When you are ready to receive feedback, just make it say "enabled."

I already switched it to "disabled" for you when I saw the message you posted in your description.

I guess I have to make this feature on my site more clear.

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