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I'm predicting Metro's primary home screen will switch over to M$ ads within 3 years to match the XBox.

Remember when software with built in ads was called adware and we had to install special programs to get rid of it?

I was going to say exactly this, metro screen is a way of transitioning the same way the Xbox UI has.

I yearn for the early days when the juvenile 'M$' was against HN etiquette and was properly dealt with. Now HN is more like Slashdot and that's reflected into the story selection, comments, moderation and flagging.

I won't downvote him because he made a reasonable point and I can't see what level of score he has. In the past with scores visible one could (if desired) vote towards a goal, so keep his comment positive because he added to the conversation but not too high because of the mode of speech.

Arguably downvoting based on a particular manner of conveying his dislike of overt money grabbing like this would be as juvenile, if not more so, than expressing oneself in the manner of the GP.

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