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I really think this issue is overblown. Someone could literally use the Weather app for years without realizing there's an ad in it, for instance, because you have to scroll way over to the right to see it (past the daily forecast, the weekly forecast, the hourly forecast, national weather maps, and a historical weather chart). Since I typically care about the local weather over a short period, I never see the ads in the app.

About all that can be said in response is that if true, your experience will be treated as a bug report, and promptly assigned to someone to fix.

Take a look at the images in this article by Ed Bott: http://www.zdnet.com/how-outraged-should-you-be-about-ads-in... (also linked from this story). You think maybe it was a mere oversight that the ads all appear where they are completely unobtrusive? Seems more likely to me that Microsoft is trying to get some ad revenue while intentionally presenting the minimum possible annoyance to users.

Yeah, I remember when cable TV worked that way, too.

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