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I was hoping for more analysis of the game mechanics, rather than the UI.

I love how letterpress is really a territory game disguised as a word game. Instead of rolling a dice like you do in Risk, you find words to form your attacks. Rather than trying to pick up words with obscure letters, or lengthy words, you try to capture strategic tiles and expand your controlled area. Once you cover a large area of dark blue tiles, you choke out your opponent's ability to score points, and the game slowly snowballs further in your favor. It's really fascinating.

Yeah it also has an interesting aspect where the loser can win all of the sudden. It makes it a little more exciting. To win you have to plan carefully. If you leave the wrong set of black tiles on the board, you can get surprised.

Also I like how you can attack and defend simultaneously. If the opponent goes first, then they'll stake out a corner. And then I will attack their corner and stake out my own corner simulataneously, as long as there's a big enough word on the board.

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