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I work at Facebook and I did internship at google this year. Thing which make Facebook far better for me is the fact that you choose team for yourself after seeing the codebase and finding how your job is going to look like - bootcamp. This year I went to google internship and after arriving I found out that I am in department, which doesn't get respect around google, no one cares about it and where fun parts of this job mentioned during interview are maybe 5% of what I am going to do and the rest is something I wanted to avoid doing. I asked hr to move, but it was already too late, since I was already there. I am sure there are some good places there, but you risk that hr will choose you something you don't want to do and it will be hard to change for at least a few months. Maybe as soon as you're in it's easier to move, but it will be never as easy as it is in Facebook, where there is no hr buerocracy around changing teams and you can just change your desk any day you want.

That's odd. Because http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gb3Wed9M25A this new hangout they clearly said they have 2 interviews, and then a round of matching, and if anyone finds you interesting you would work with that team. So you are saying they make the team description so cool but in reality it's just an obsolete party like Google Code? Damn :( But it's cool you worked for two big companies.

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