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For what it is worth, from somebody who works at neither: Google and Facebook are not points at two separate coordinates in the multidimensional vector space Interesting Things I Could Possibly Want. They are probability distributions over the same space. Pick any axis you want to look at: some jobs at Google are better than the average Facebook job at it, and some jobs are Facebook are better than the average Google job at it. I think it is virtually impossible to find a meaningful axis among which all of one company's jobs strictly dominate the other's. (e.g. Do you like, I don't know, freedom to pick what tech stack you work on? I guarantee you some jobs at Google/FB will give you no freedom to do that, and some jobs at Google/FB will give you unlimited freedom to do that, and many jobs are somewhere between those two.)

If you're the one figuring out the tradeoffs here, I'd highly recommend using your backchannels and figuring out about the position/team you'll be entering (and, relatedly, how easy internal mobility (+) is), which is highly likely to matter more to you than the exact symbol on your stock options.

+ The nice part about working at either, and in general being a technologist in 2012, is that if things don't work out you'll be able to stand on the street corner, whistle, and have another job within 30 minutes.

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