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Facebook. Google is really an ad company with some money being diverted elsewhere. It really shines through when you see them buy AdMob and break the open source AdWhirl mediation in favor of their own closed source stuff. Ads are where you'll be rewarded if you go to work there, but there are much better ad companies to work for with cool new innovative stuff and with opportunities for equity.

Facebook is more of a social company who eventually put ads in. Heck, they were losing a ton of money on mobile for so long, and finally started putting sponsored stuff in the feed, and it isn't a bad implementation at all. The sponsored posts don't bother me at all and the new native client is slick. And they focused on the social part for a long time before monetizing - it shows what they really care about. At Facebook, if you launch and it decreases the amount that people use a feature, it's just as much a bug as a crash.

Tons of my friends who are not techies are totally into Facebook. I communicate with relatives and have made friends and business connections I never would have or could have without it. They've succeeded at being really important to the public at large and really accessible and inviting. Google, well, I was using search engines long before them, and appreciate the slightly better results. Their Google+ product has only really caught on with techies, despite plastering links to it on top of every page and spamming emails wherever possible. If you are into social and writing something other than ads for the public at large, Google is a failure. I might go for something smaller than Facebook, like Tumblr, but I wouldn't go for Google over either given their poor performance.

"Google is really an ad company..."

I hear this a lot. It's meant as a put down.

Doesn't Facebook make most of it's money from ads? Why don't you consider Facebook "really an ad company"?

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