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Neither at this point. Both have become too big and bloated. Employee number 8,000 isn't cool. You know what's cool employee number 1 - 100 at either one.

So, when I joined Google, I had a choice between it and being employee #1 at a YC startup. Both were tempting, but I'd done the startup dance before (twice, plus once as a founder) and I was curious if I was prematurely disqualifying what could be a good thing. The last time I'd worked in a big company was an internship in high school; in college I was absolutely certain I never wanted to work for a company with >50 employees.

No regrets. The YC startup went out of business 8 months later, and I've had a chance to work on some really cool stuff at the Googleplex.

I took the opposite route. A startup I worked for got acquired by Google LA. Instead of joining Google, I jumped to another startup and experienced the most stressful 4 years of my life after that being a founding member of a failed startup that went on for way too long. :/ but.. I would do the same thing all over again.

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