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1. Facebook's motto is "move fast and break things". I would prefer if it was "move fast because you have the systems in place to prevent broken things from reaching production".

2. Facebook's new HQ is going to be a single room.

A single. Room.

This is a company run by people who apparently didn't read Peopleware ... if they've even heard of it.

Basically, it's a personality thing. I am mortified by screwing up. That's not a perfect character for business success, I realise. Foolish optimism is the oil of capitalism.

But it's who I am. I suspect I would be deeply uncomfortable with Facebook's culture.

Do you get your own office at Google?

AFAICT Microsoft is the only big name who've really taken Peopleware to heart, right down to borrowing the Santa Teresa Labs idea of cross-shaped buildings (so that every office has a view).

Generally not. Google tries to put teams that are working on the same project into offices of about 3-5.

You would probably feel uncomfortable just about anywhere with that attitude.

Usually when people say "... with that attitude", they're not saying it in a complimentary way.

I'd be interested in hearing what about my attitude you object to.

Probably the bit about being mortified about screwing up. It's certainly not an attitude that's going to jive with the majority of the HN audience. Embrace failure, learn from your mistakes, etc.

I find that being mortified is a good reason to learn from mistakes -- and not just mine.

Not if you're too scared to take the risks that lead to making them.

There's a difference between taking risks and repeating preventable mistakes. That's what I'm talking about.

When has Facebook ever advocated to do this?

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