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Ask HN: Midwest hardware startup (data storage) visiting SF. Meet for coffee?
4 points by vnchr 1821 days ago | hide | past | web | 1 comment | favorite
We'll will be bumming around the Bay Area all of next week. We're from St. Louis and looking to co-locate in San Francisco.

The CEO Andrew has an interesting story as a 19 year old founder and hardware inventor. Network World did a nice write-up on his back-story though the FB rumor was false and we've since dispelled it: http://www.networkworld.com/news/2012/110612-evtron-263983.html

Anyone with interest in high-capacity, high-efficiency data storage at a lower cost, feel free to email me at ivicars [at] evtron.com. I'd love to take you out for coffee or drinks so we can talk shop. Otherwise, we'll be taking in the sites or working our butts off at Startup Embassy.

Thank you to everyone in this community. As a non-Valley startup-type, I still feel connected to the Bay Area because of HN.

I run some of the hardware startup events / community in SF - let me know who you want to talk with. Just email is my HN s/n + @gmail.com.

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