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Oh good. Anyone know if that will work with EE in the UK?

Band 4 is 1700Mhz

EE UK uses LTE on the 1800Mhz

Here's a list of the LTE networking bands

http://niviuk.free.fr/lte_band.php (nice graphics below)

The Anandtech article didn't test out 1800MHz, but I would guess that 1800MHz (band 3) would be the second most likely band to be supported on the Nexus 4. It is a band until now normally used for GSM.

The other bands he has tested for aren't really in use for LTE yet.

Thanks - appreciated :)

Yup, unfortunately EE is Band 3.

Personally, I don't find the lack of LTE to be a problem at all.

Three's DC-HSDPA network has been excellent with my Nexus 4. I've done a few speed tests and I regularly get between 10-18Mbps down and 2-3Mbps up. It feels really snappy and, at £9.60 a month for a rolling 30 day sim only contract with unlimited data, it's cheap as hell.

>£9.60 a month for a rolling 30 day sim only contract with unlimited data

how? link/info please?

AFAIK the best they offered was £6.90/mo base + £3/mo for unlimited data. And that was 12month contract where you had to call up to add on the data. ?

Ah, apologies. For some reason my brain isn't working too well tonight.

I had it in my head that my contract was costing me £9.60 per month while it's actually costing me £12.90 per month. Doh.

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