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It was private at first, but frankly, as I am sure bloggers with an effective audience of zero like I can attest, the chance of serendipitous fame and popularity is so infinitesimal in this digital age that I consider public repos for obscure GitHub accounts tantamount to private. Private repos for people like I are mainly for commercial, license-encumbered, and sensitive projects.

If you’re some sort of wizard like Kenneth Reitz, it is obviously a different matter. I am not Kenneth Reitz.

It is also tremendously helpful to be able to link to my code directly for help, and believe it or not, doing this has yet to launch me into inadvertent open-source stardom. :)

The same can be said for my Twitter, Pinterest, GitHub, Tumblr accounts, my blog, and so on. It’s more of a general principle at hand, I think.

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