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>> As my first open source project, I would have been happy if it got ten watchers. Now it got 439 which meant a great responsibility.

> This part really rang true to me.

Yeah, it is. I can relate in some small way. Some time ago I posted on HN nyan-mode.el (https://github.com/TeMPOraL/nyan-mode), and now I have 71 watches, 10 forks, 4 issue reports and 2 pull requests, not counting many e-mails with feature suggestions, fixes, et. al. Someone even added music! And it's all sitting here and waiting for me to have time to integrate it. I hope I'll manage to get some of it done this or next week. But there is this sense of responsibility when people start using your project; doubled if you happen to walk to your old employer and see your old former coworkers using it on their computers.


> At least until some asshole links to it somewhere high-traffic. :)

You're daring people ;).

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