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Ask HN: Review my startup, conceptcupboard.com
3 points by AdamJBall on Nov 22, 2012 | hide | past | web | favorite | 6 comments
I'm looking for feedback in to whether other entrepreneurs or startups would consider using a startup like Concept Cupboard. We've had moderate traction so far but I was wondering if there was anything glaringly obvious that is wrong.

Thanks in advance,


The landing page needs some serious design upgrade. In order to convince a startup you need to be a sample of what they want to be. Right now, you are not.

A 'real time' of jobs getting finished so users can see it without logging in would be nice (for those who allow it).

You are in a somewhat saturated market, great to hear you got traction.

I think this is one of our main problem areas. I've been A/B testing for the last 6 months but I think this is something that I can drastically improve on.

Thank you for your time.

less selling (really, it's annoying, it starts with the 25sec of pulsing arrows at the end of the vide), more showing (more showcases (with less selling elements), show the briefs / project details at least in teasered form pre facebook login)

you need me to convince of the work you can do for me (or you can get done for me) - it's no use to just stick conversion elements into my face again and again) - or simple said: more showing, less selling. i.e.: i have two wordpress bases webprojects coming up, both would need logos your service created, show me the logos you created (not only the winners, but all of them), if i would find one (just one) of them sexy, i would consider your service, until yet i haven't found one.

Thanks for the comments. Totally agree about the video, getting onto the creator to cut that down.

Will make sure to get more case studies onto the home page as currently they are only found via our footer (which no one really looks at).

Did you find you knew how the whole site worked pretty quickly or did you have to delve into more detail in the site?



I think I've been receiving emails from you guys for about a year. I seem to remember the previous design being slightly more muted. It's a good market to tackle though, good luck with what you're doing.

Yeah, we had a refresh in February and got quite a lot of good feedback on it. I think the style that we have on the site it good but the elements and content we showcase needs more looking at.

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